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Seeking Sita at Urma Museum Ubud Bali

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Seeking Sita is a trans-cultural production that will take local and foreign talents to embark on man’s constant search for fulfilment of love, duty, devotion seen through the prism of feminism in the story of Ramayana. The plot revolves around 3 men (Rama, Ravana & Hanuman) who depend on one woman (Sita) to define their own identities. Will the Sita who is bounded by the relationships with these 3 men as wife, mother, and lover, be able to break free from the constraints of these ties to determine her own destiny?

Seeking Sita liberates the character Sita and gives a new interpretation of this ancient epic. Strung together by a myriad of Asian contemporary (Indian and Indonesia) dance vocabularies the production features an international cast from Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. The project will be choreographed by Kavitha Krishnan from Singapore (Artistic Director, Maya Dance Theatre) and Eko Supriyanto (an upcoming contemporary choreographer from Solo, Indonesia).

Set within a non-linear concept, dancers will charter unfamiliar territory and participate in a training curriculum that equips them with a new set of technical expertises required to execute Asian dance forms like Bharata Natyam, Balinese Baris and Javanese dance together with modern contemporary dance vocabulary. The production is also coupled with dance monologues and dialogues between the characters as part of the topics addressed.

Cast & Crews

Artistic Director
Kavitha Krishnan
Kavitha Krishnan
Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia)
Shahrin Johry
Sheriden Newman
Sufri Juwahir
Adeline Ee
Samantha Teo
Arif Muhandra
General Manager
Imran Manaff
Music Arrangement
Sufri Juwahir
Shahrin Johry
Technical Manager
Rupak George
Presented At
Atma Museum, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


It was a really fascinating collaboration because it wasn’t just doing Bharatha Natyam or Javanese dance but it was coming up with a really new dance vocabulary. This is a really rare thing in a fusion project because sometimes you end up watering down each of the forms and that didn’t happen at all. I think part of the reason for that was that each group was so well trained in their respective mediums of Bharatha Natyam, Javanese and Balinese. It wasn’t just juxtaposing one from the other. it was really combining them in a really new way. I loved the music and the transitions were really beautiful.

Dr. Lisa Gold - Ethnomusicologist and lecturer at University of California at Berkeley

It was a great marriage of different cultures Balinese, Indian, Singaporean, and it was a great privilege to see what the company has created and produced and what better setting than here in Bali.

Peter Wilson - puppeteer, director, producer, Australia

The show was truly impressive, such an exciting combination of different styles, different sources but blended together very skilfully. The dancers were phenomenal with their energy and their expression

Prof Ben Brinner - Ethnomusicologist and professor and Chair of Dept. of Music at University of California at Berkeley

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