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Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) has embarked on creating a new series of works, PANCHA.

PANCHA literally translates as "five". The series draws inspiration from expounding 5 female archetypes in relation to the five elements based on Hindu philosophy - wind, fire, earth, water and aether. Each work is centered on one element, and each element sets the stage to for the female archetype who is trapped within social and relational frameworks. Women are stereotypically seen as elemental and emotional, rather than rational and logical. We seek to use the logic of emotion and the consequences of history and cultural environment in PANCHA, through storytelling and metaphor to relate to these 5 different female archetypes, often blurring the lines between myth and reality — fact, fiction and perception shift and morph our worlds.

The works in the series are site-based and will unfold over a period of three to four years, enabling MDT and its audience to jointly journey through the explorations.


PANCHA 1-Murmurs in the Wind (01-02 July 2016)

PANCHA 2 -When the flames blaze the caged body, I surrender by soul, I Am ... (01-02 June 2017)

PANCHA 3 - Flowers Don't Bloom All the Time (15-18 August 2018)

PANCHA 4 (Coming soon)

PANCHA 5 (Coming soon)

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