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News'On the dancefloor' with Soul Signature
Tuesday, 13 December 2016 16:59

'On the dancefloor' with Soul Signature

Catch Singapore's newest dancing queen, Sheriden Newman (Dance Singapore Dance, Season 2), and her partner in crime, Sufri Juwahir, NAC-FRONTIER DANCELAND's SPROUTS 2014 winner, in RELEASE 6.0.

No stranger to the Singapore dance scene, the dancing duo have been performing in Singapore and internationally as members of Maya Dance Theatre, and decided to venture on their own as SOUL SIGNATURE in 2015. They recently presented their full-length independent production, REVERBERATE, in January 2016.

Now back together in the fold as special guests (Soul Signature), the dynamic duo take some time off to talk about their experiences and working with Maya Dance Theatre again.

OTDF: Tell us about the experience in the new work that is drawn from the past work.

cccSN: Shah's re-work of PATH, 'Re-PATH' has a different approach from his previous work. The past work was based on his thesis work, which he has explored and developed at LASALLE College of the Arts, then further brought to Maya Dance Theatre. The previous work relates to how we were and our inter-relationships in Maya was at that time.

Previously it was a time when Shahrin, Sufri, Kavitha and myself were the main company dancers and the work was based on where we found ourselves coming together to bring what we have towards one goal, which was building Maya Dance Theatre and building ourselves as individual artists also.
For this new work of PATH - Shahrin has focused on the idea of what we all still have in common, and what brings us together, even though we are on different pathways now. It has brought in a different side, and unique turn to the work, where our background of training and individual styles of dance has come out more, whilst also bringing in Bharatha Natyam rhythms and steps which stems from our training which we have all been through together. The process of the work has been refreshing and has brought back fond memories, open discussions and new thoughts on how we are as individuals and how we further develop on ourselves and in working together with others.15284033 532954276901846 1070756307421610392 n

SJ: As a former dancer of Maya Dance Theatre, I am delighted to be sharing the same platform again with Kavitha Krishnan and Shahrin Johry. Path is a dance piece that revolves around the idea of one's journey and this time, the journey that had been crafted by individuals meet again for Maya's 10th year anniversary. What will be the topic for this new meeting? Let's find out.

OTDF: What do you like about working with Shahrin as a choreographer/dancer?

SN: I like working with Shahrin as a choreographer and dancing alongside him for many reasons. My main reason would be that he is always dedicated to his work and open to discover and try new things. Shahrin has many great creative ideas and has found more ways to connect his ideas to a focus point in his works. As a choreographer he really likes to bring out the best in his dancers and find ways to make the work look interesting and thought provoking along with expounding his dancers' abilities. As a performer, Shahrin's energy is passionate, strong and sincere and it's a joy to connect and dance along with him.

SJ: Shahrin is a passionate artist who works hard to achieve his goals. His dedication to his crafts inspires me to keep finding my own voice and developing my artistry for Soul Signabb2000f4-3641-44c3-b0bc-e4511a8ee9fdture.

OTDF: What do you have to say about the new work, RE-PATH.

SN: Re-Path is an interesting new work by Shahrin Johry, bringing together the old team of Maya Dance Theatre once again.

Come along to see us reunite together to share our passion and love for dance, and why we treasure this so much in our lives. This, I feel is what brings us together.

SJ: What was spoken has been said. Do we still speak of the same language now?


Catch Soul Signature and Maya Dance Theatre in RE-PATH for RELEASE 6.0

20-21 January 2017, 8
Goodman Arts Centre Black.
Ticket available here.

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