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News'On the dancefloor' with Eva Tey
Sunday, 11 December 2016 11:50

'On the dancefloor' with Eva Tey

RELEASE 6.0 will debut from 20-21 Jan 2017, featuring a line-up of choreographers. We sit down with some of them and ask them a few questions about themselves in this new series called 'ON THE DANCE FLOOR' We introduce our third choreographers in our "On the dancefloor!" Series, Eva Tey.

OTDF. Can you tell us a bit more of yourself?20dbc557-47da-42f8-a7a6-7c2283ca40ff

ET: I am Eva Tey, graduated with a First Class Honors, (BA) Degree in Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore) in 2014. I joined Maya after my graduation and begin my roller coaster journey with dance!

I am a Malaysian Chinese and I always wanted to know more about my own cultural especially after joining Maya Dance theatre. MDT brings me around the world and I get in contact with a lot of different cultures in the world. After understanding and experiencing different cultures, especially Indian cultures that we connected through the Indian dance form everyday in the studio, makes me really want to understand and know more about my own culture.

OTDF: Can you give us an insight into the theme and the title of your work, WORLD'S BEST CULTURE?

ET: This work is a conversation or perhaps a battle between two different people through their cultures. I will be representing the Asian Culture and the German culture will be represented by Martina. This piece of work deals with personal pride towards our own cultures that lead into comparison and judgments. By playing with the perception of cultures and embracing the stereotype point of view on different cultures, we hope to break people perception on certain cultures. Every cultures have their own beauty. So is it necessary to fight for this title of World's Best Culture at the end of the day?

OTDF: This work that you are creating with Martina (choreographer from Germany), marks your first choreography. Please tell us how this collaboration came about and the process involved in creating the work.

ET: The process was very interesting and fun. By working with another person from a totally different cultural background, race, and religion, I have a lot to learn. In the process, we did not just keep rehearsing for the work, sometimes we sit down and we chat to seek better understanding of each other's culture.
Through all the chat we have together, we found new ideas and we put it in the concept and we try it. I think chatting, discussing, trying to know each other is a big part in our process especially when we were working with this kind of concept. Each of us representing a specific culture.1c67f55c-6435-4606-8a65-44a9f7d0ab8a

Our mentor, Kavitha Krishnan do come in and out of the rehearsal to give us constructive feedbacks to help us conceptualize the whole piece as well.
I am also working with a music composer, Rodrigo from Spain. We communicate via Facebook most of the time, giving and sharing with each other ideas and suggestion for the sound of the piece. This is another new experience as well!

It was challenging but fun at the same time because dancers and musicians do speak different language plus we need to communicate through internet.
I think our process is going well so far and his music do fit very well with the piece! I am looking forward for his arrival in January and he will be a 'performer' for this piece too instead of being just a musician. So do look out for this piece!

OTDF: As someone new to choreography, what advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a choreographer?

ET: First, I think you need to have the drive and motivation to choreograph. Think of what interests you the most at that moment and further develop it into a constrict idea. After you get an idea, comes the research part that you need to do to find more and deeper information. There are a lot of different ways to start choreographing, some choreographers like to go into the studio and explore to see what happens. Some choreographers like to conceptualize the whole piece first then go into the studio to explore movements. For me, I do like to go into the studio and explore the unpredictable element but I will always roughly have an idea of what am I going to explore about. Lastly, I think the communication with the people involve in your work is very important such as your collaborator, dancers, musician or even director. Sometimes go out for a chat over drinks, then come back to the studio is healthy for the process and it might bring you fresh and new ideas!

Here's a sneak peak at WORLD'S BEST CULTURES (WBC).

To catch Eva and her new chorepgraphy, WORLD'S BEST CULTURE, join us for RELEASE 6.0

20-21 January 2017, 8
Goodman Arts Centte Black.
Ticket available here.
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