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Friday, 12 February 2016 13:25


 With less than 01 month to the debut of RELEASE 5.0, we felt it would be good if the choreographers shared a little about  themselves.

IMG 4665Meet Adam Lau, an emerging choreographer from Singapore who recently participated in Maya Dance Theatre's [MOVE], dance initiative and also present his work as part of Project [MOVE]..


Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Adam: I am currently in my first year of study at Yale-NUS College. My performance background lies predominantly in the theatre, but specifically in the area of physical expression. i find myself drawn to the rawness of the body in how it moves and communicates. i am interested in exploring how art (in a performance, writing, canvas, etc) can affect and compel, regardless of medium. i also write poetry.

How do you feel about presenting your work from the MOVE programme in RELEASE 5.0 (Stage 1)?

Adam: I am honored and thankful (as well as relieved) that existing practitioners find my work worth presenting and being developed further.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Adam: I think it really comes from any place and the key is to be vulnerable to allow yourself to think difficult things and feel difficult experiences. for I have nothing to do with explosions, I was inspired by my own research into the idea of a self and subsequently, its meaning. When I was creating the piece i was also exposed to the field of astronomy and the universe, which led me to look further into my own relationship with the universe.

In your opinion, is reading important to develop one's ideas and concepts?

Adam: Yes. So it observing and doing and being involved. Putting yourself anywhere you get to experience and learn something new really forces you to confront you own understanding and beliefs. No harm knowing more.

Please share with us some interesting and challenging moments in creating this piece with your partner?adam

Adam: Over time I think I allowed my dancer to become more of a collaborator. I am blessed to work with someone whose personal philosophies are close to mine, in terms of what we want out of life, how we view living, and also most importantly how we (want to) move. In the beginning I started out choreographing for both of us, and being new, I struggled sometimes with the expectation that I had and the reality that was produced. as she started to challenge my concepts and choreography, I realized that she does have great ideas as well and that I can really trust her with this work, so I started to involve her more in the creative process.

How do you juggle your interest for dance making along with school and work?

Adam: It is difficult. But I know that since it is something i want, i had to make sacrifices. I definitely have less time with friends or for myself, but along the way you learn to adjust and make the most out of what you have. if anything, working and studying at the same time helped me more than not. After a while, rather than seeing them as separate, I learnt how to see a correlation between my academic work and creative pursuits. I think seeing them as complementary really allowed me to learn more in each aspect, and to also enjoy what I'm doing more.

What would you want audiences to expect from your piece?

Adam: I think i just dont want them to be passive. I hope they will be open to allow my work to affect them, whether intellectually or emotionally.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Photo credit: The Photo Haus)


Catch Adam Lau's choreography in collaboration with Caroline Chin, i have nothing to do with explosions, at Release 5.0, Stage 1.

Join us for RELEASE 5.0:-

Release Fringe (jointly presented by library@esplanade)
27 February 2016, 2-4pm
Dance Village, library@esplanade
Free admission

Stage 1
4-5 March 2016, 8.30pm
10 Square @ Orchard Central
Tickets: S$22 (Standard)* & S$18 (Concession)

Stage 2
10-12 March 2016, 8.30pm
The Substation Theatre
Tickets: S$28 (Standard)* & S$25 (Concession)

*Discounts available for OCBC Card members and group booking.

To get your tickets, log on to www.mayadancetheatre.org

Maya Dance Theatre is a recipient of National Arts Council's (Singapore) SEED grant for the period from 01 October 2012 to 31 March 2016.

RELEASE 5.0 is supported by:
Apsara Asia Pte Ltd, Singai Tamil Sangam, Arts Fund, OCBC Bank, Samuel Seow Law Corporation, Owl City SG Pte Ltd, Lee Foundation and Copper Chimney.

Partners of RELEASE 5.0:
10 Square @ Orchard Central, library@esplanade, Kaatsbaan International Dance Centre (New York, USA) and Tri Pusaka Sakti Foundation (Bali, Indonesia).



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