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NewsKauravas-Warriors of the war (Murmurs in the wind)
Saturday, 11 June 2016 08:53

Kauravas-Warriors of the war (Murmurs in the wind)

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100 Sons...

100 warriors...

100 lives at stake!

The Kauravas, the 100 sons of Gandhari, sent to fight for their honor.

For their kingdom.

One by one they fight.

One by one they fall.

Their mother's grief.

Their mother sorrow.

Hear their story.

Join the Kauravas in PANCHA-Murmurs in the wind to hear their story

About PANCHA-Murmurs in the wind

Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) proudly presents PANCHA, a production spanning over three years and featuring five separate dance theatre works by artistic director, Kavitha Krishnan with different co-choreographers from Singapore and overseas. Each work expounds natures' elements - Wind, Fire, Water, Earth & Aether through female archetypes.

Murmurs in the Wind, the first of PANCHA, highlights the element Wind, through Gandhari. A character from the world's longest poem, the Mahabharatha, Gandhari seeks Vaayu, the God of Wind, to bring news of her sons fighting in the Kurushetra war.

Murmurs in Wind, choreographed and directed by Kavitha Krishnan with co-choreography by Danang Pamungkas from Solo, Indonesia, is a site-centric production at a community building in Little India. The production features original music composition/direction with live music by multi-instrumentalist, Kailin Yong; and musicians Raghavendran Rajasekaran and Noella Yan.

PANCHA-Murmurs in the wind

01-02 July 2016
Show1: 8pm; Show 2: 9:30pm
02 Kampong Kapor Road
Tickets: $25 (S) $22 (C)
Tickets available here.


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