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NewsGandhari (Murmurs in the wind)
Friday, 27 May 2016 12:57

Gandhari (Murmurs in the wind)

thumbA Mother...

Her children...

A war.


An obedient daughter. Faithful wife. And doting mother, Gandahri, scarifices her beloved childen of 100 sons and 01 daughter to fight in the Kurushetra war, against their cousins.

Though she knows the war is unjust, but bounded by loyalty and family-ties, she reluctanctly agrees to send her children to fight.

Filled with anxiety for the well-being of her children and yearning for news of her children in the battlefied, Gandhari consults Vaayu (the god of wind) for news of her children.

Day by day, she is brought news of the outcome of war and also her children.  

Join Gandhari in Murmurs in the wind.

01-02 July 2016
Show1: 8pm; Show 2: 9:30pm
02 Kampong Kapor Road
Tickets: $25 (S) $22 (C)

Tickets available here.


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