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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 21:55

RELEASE 5.0: Performance Line-up

RELEASE 5.0 and a new look
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The fifth edition of RELEASE returns — with works by emerging dance-makers from Singapore and overseas, spread over 2 weekends.

RELEASE, an international emerging choreographers' platform, returns for the fifth year in 2016; with an ensemble of choreographers from Singapore and overseas, spread over two weekends from 4-5 March 2016 (10 Square@Orchard Central) and 10-12 March 2016 (The Substation).

Organized by Maya Dance Theatre, a contemporary dance company from 2011, RELEASE was initiated to provide Singapore's emerging choreographers an opportunity to create and present their work for audiences through the support of Maya Dance Theatre. Originally featuring three Singaporean choreographers in 2011, RELEASE gradually grew to include regional choreographers alongside their Singaporean counterpart in 2014. Thereafter with the increased demand in presenting new works, RELEASE also began to include international choreographers from Europe and America in 2015. Now in its fifth year, Maya Dance Theatre extends RELEASE by presenting emerging Singapore and international choreographers over two weekendm at two separate venues!

Here's a run down of the different platforms for RELEASE 5.0:-

RELEASE 5.0 (Stage 1)
04-05 March 2015
10 Square@Orchard Central

RELEASE 5.0 presents a new platform for emerging choreographers with less than 05 years of professional experience.
Stage 1 will feature 05 dance makers whose works have been selected to showcase their latest creations to audiences. Some of these dance makers are presenting in a professional platform for the first time at RELEASE 5.0 Stage 1!

RELEASE 5.0 Stage 1 will feature the following dance makers:

I have nothing to do with explosions (Singapore)
Choregraphers: by adam l. in collaboration with caroline c.12399321 1099960260038037 390616942 n
Dancers: Adam Lau & Caroline Chin
I have nothing to do with explosions is an examination of the smallness of our being compared to the grand universe, and how even in this smallness, one can find reason to exist.

 As We Are (Singapore)

Choregrapher: Valerie koon
Dancers: Yeap Sook lee, Caroline Chin, Ruzaini Mazani

There are secrets hidden, thoughts unheard, being what is not truly. Perhaps isolated. Perhaps ignored. Stand strong to be who we are, as we are.
 Datum II (Singapore)
Choreographer: Eva Tey
Dancers: Shahrin Johry, Bernice Lee, Lavanya Dave, Subastian Tan 

Ideas are very important in our life. They lead to a change, an innovation or even revolution. What is "idea"? A thought to create something new? If it is always something new, then I would define "idea" as “the way we create”.

Idea = the way we create = something new

Before ideas arise, there must be information that exists, to trigger the idea. The way in which we connect datum is how we create new ideas...
 Hitam Putih-Black White( Norway/ Indonesia/ SIngapore) 
Choregraphy/ Dancers : Phittaya Phaefung and Agus Hendra
Co-choreographed/ Mentor: Shahrin Johry
Inspired from the battle between of two brothers Sugriva and Vali, a story taken from the Hindu Ramayana.
Choices are sometimes selfless, what would you do to save the bigger picture?
What happens when you love someone so much, that it ends up with death that no longer is pain...... but it has a value. 
Duality” (Indonesia/ Singapore)
Choreographers/Dancers: Ni Wayan Sekarni, Shahrin Johry
The fourth work is based on the concept of duality that is prevalent in Balinese dance. Almost every Balinese dance form incorporates elements of alus (refinement) and keras (coarseness); of male and female movements; of more static positions called agem and transitory movements. Within a dance, there are alus and keras movements; the body and the arms move up and down; there is stillness and great spurts of movement. This play between opposites can be seen in all Balinese arts and in many aspects of the religion. Duality will also incorporate the Wayang Wong style performed by Sekar and coupled by Asian contemporary movements drawn from Javanese court dance and Bharathanatyam into a hybrid texture of contemporary by Shahrin Johry.
 “The H Dilemma” (Israel)
Choreographer: Gil Kerer
Dancers: Shahrin Johry, Eva Tey, Bernice Lee
The piece wishes to deal with the internal workings of hypocrisy and examine the personal, social and cultural connections we have about this content. Why do we feel hypocritical and why we feel this way? Where do these feelings come from, and how do we deal with this?
Is it perhaps because of what we do not say, what we don’t allow ourselves to say? What we don’t express?


RELEASE 5.0 (Stage 2)Esme 2
10-12 March 2015
The Substation

RELEASE 5.0 culminates in Stage 02; we present seasoned dance makers who have been creating and presenting their works in their home country and abroad. 04 dance makers, out of many responses to our world-wide open call, have been selected by our selection panelist to come to Singapore specially to present their latest works.

RELEASE 5.0 Stage 2 will feature the following dance makers:

Vent (Portugal)
Choreographer: Ezekiel Oliveira
Dancers: Shahrin Johry, Bernice Lee, Eva Tey
Vent is my new collaboration with the dancers from Maya Dance Theatre. In this performance I am curating different ideals of expressiveness, allowing the dancers to dig further in their emotions to investigate different approaches into revealing their human satisfactions versus dance performance. I am interested in bridging human behaviors with choreography, leading the dancers to sample either throughout the choreography; connecting this work is also the dependence on each other as well as the inquiry on distance amongst bodies on stage.
 Eyes and the Blinking Lights (USA)
Choreographer/Dancer: Esmé Boyce
Music: Cody Boyce
Costume: Sue Julien
This piece is about orientation and attachment to a certain landscape, about great horizontal journeys and about how one can feel like a foreigner in one's own homeland. 
An Exquisite Task (USA)
Choreographer: Esmé Boyce
Dancers: Esmé Boyce, Shahrin Johry, Bernice Lee, Eva Tey,
"An Exquisite Task" is a dance that uses the Surrealist game of the 1920's called Exquisite Corpse as the conceptual center point of the work. This game was originally an old parlor game in which each player would write a short sentence or phrase folding the paper to show only the final word and passing it on the next person. This dance will play with how this surrealist concept might be interpreted in dance while finding movement that is unique to each dancer's personality and movement quality. I am eager to create a whole that reveals something significant and unexpected.

This collaboration was created during our residency at Kaatsbaan International Dance Centre in June 2015.

WWW (Denmark)
Choreographer: Simone Wierød
Dancers: Simone Wierød , Thomas Rohe
WWW is an ironic, humoristic and energetic dance duet created as a surreal and abstract weather forecast.
The two dancing “hosts” are performed by Simone Wierød (DK) and Thomas Rohe (DE) and together they represent an odd couple fighting for the audience’s attention delivering weather reports like never before.
ANAMNESE (Germany)
Choreographer/ artist: Martina Feiertag
Human Existence, an Inventory of the Status Quo.
Scintillations, Wild Monkeys, Noises in the Head… Too Many Impulses.
Backwards... Everything is there. Alive and in Colour. Illusion of Return.
Momentary Flight. Released from Space and Time. On One’s Own Initiative.
You Have to Come Back Down to the Fucking World!
Everything from the Outside. Coming up Front and on Top of It. Head-on. Go for it!
Meditainment First. How Can One Judge This?
Good. Very good. Confusion of Many Realities.
Kuda Kuda-Horses (Indonesia)
Choreographer/ dancer: Dian nova saputra
“Kuda Kuda” was inspired from Jaranan turonggo yakso from Agraris area ,Trenggalek ,East java.
Body is the main source in dancing, one of the key factors is power. In Javanese tradition, “kuda Kuda” is known as steep and ready position in the traditional art of self defence. “Kuda kuda” is the exploration of human power which is reflected from the strength of the body, especially the feet. The Dance entitled, “ kuda Kuda” is used as the basic source to develop imagination and nuances in exploring the symbolism of horse and exploring the human power in withstanding challenges faced in the new era.

RELEASE 5.0 is made possible with the support of the following partners:

Library@Esplanade      10 Square        OCBC Bank            Owl City           Apsara Asia Pte Ltd           Singai Tamil Sangam

Arts Fund         Samuel Seow Law Corporation           Copper Chimney        Lee Foundation

Kaatsbaan International Dance Centre (New York, USA)

Tri Pusaka Sakti Foundation (Bali, Indonesia)

Ticketing information available here.

For a look back at RELEASE 4.0 in 2015, click here.


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