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Tuesday, 07 July 2020 22:22

Behind Closed Doors

“People tend to equate loneliness with elderly who live alone. But being alone does not mean loneliness, and loneliness does not mean that you must be alone.”

- Eva Tey, Content Creator/ Choreograper/ Dancer

 Afraid and alone … surrounded by love ones who cannot connect or are to busy too!

3082020BCD7rawBehind closed doors highlights stories of social isolation amongst our eldelry even while living with their love ones!

Present by Maya Dance Theatre, Eva Tey and Imran Manaff, Behind Closed Door, highlight social isolation and loneliness of those elderly who are currently living their their familie!

Presented as a web-based feature, Behind Closed Doors will enable audiences to journey with our elder to experience their plight of loneliness and social isolation.

"Behind Closed Doors aim to bring awareness of the loneliness and social isolation experienced by those elderly who are living with their families. The numbers of elderly in this group bracket is increasing rapidly, as day by day our elderly find it a challenge to connect with the younger generation! New technological communication tools like social media, Whatsapp etc. coupled with a fast pace lifestyle with limited time at hand, has made it difficult for our elderly to connect with their love ones. Presented as a web-based initiative, Behind Closed Doors features: a dance film, photo exhibition, interviews with youths, elderly and a social worker. The website will take audiences on a journey of loneliness and social isolation as experienced by the elderly.”

- Imran Manaff, Producer

 Behind Closed Doors premieres 15 October 2020 at 8pm.

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